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Fell from the bed

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 15, 2008

Oh, God! Can you make mummy more alert and make sure mummy manage to grab her next time. Please protect my girl. Mummy really can’t take it anymore! It’s terrifying to see her fly off and get hit badly as she fell down from the bed to the floor. 😥

She was about to sleep actually. We were rolling on the bed, kissing each other and laughing happily. Suddenly, she stood up. Running to the conner of the bed and stand by the dressing table as usual. I guess she was about to grab something on the table. But, she slipped.

Somehow, mummy was quick enough to get her. She was save. That’s the first time. Then, she did the stunt again later when “kakak” came in. She flew straight off the bed like being thrown out. Her leg get stuck half way. Thus, she came tumbling after. At last, her forehead went knocked on the floor.

What a tragedy! That was so hurt! She cried! Non stop for about 15 minutes. As she was terrified. Mummy’s heart was breaking as I see her so pale on the face and her hands and body was shivering a bit.

She is asleep. But, it’s not over yet. There is a big bump on her forehead now. Poor girl! Careless mummy! Hurtful baby! 😥

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