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Some techniques to encourage language development

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 24, 2007

Nowadays, Lizzy just loves to talk, but what she say is just for her own knowledge. She will ca ca ca, ma ma, ta ta ta, gi gi ga ga, ya ya ya. But what’s that baby? what’s that? Ha!

Even though I do not understand her language, but I’ll still respond. I will keep guessing and give her answer. So friends, don’t feel awkward talking back to baby who cannot talk back. In fact, they can communicate before they learn talking. And,babies need to hear words repeated in many contexts in order to understand language. Thus, we are encourage to talk a lot with our babies. Do you know that by talking to them can actually raise their IQ? Please go to here and find out more.

Anyway, this is how we can create an optimal language environment:

  • Talk and sing to your baby while you’re engaged in daily duties, such as cleaning or shopping.
  • Gossip, chit-chat and talk out-loud.
  • It is important to react to pre-verbal sounds like coos or squeals. If your child coos, encourage this by reacting and talking back to him/her.
  • Using picture books that have simple words and colorful pictures, talk about what you see and give your baby a chance to respond.
  • When reading the newspaper, read it aloud with your child to increase word count.
  • By reciting nursery rhymes and songs, you’re creating a fun and interactive environment for your child.
  • Narrate daily activities such as cooking and cleaning.
  1. zara's mama Said,

    I do that too.. that’s how most of the time Zara picks up words. However, I find with no. 2.. it’s more difficult. :(

    Haha… I have no problem with that as I always talk loud!

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