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I fall today, and many other days

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 7, 2007

Auntie, Auntie, my head got scratch and bleed a little, one of my eye became red at the side. Very red at first, luckily it fully subsides before my dinner. What happen? Oh……I fall quite badly today. So pain! I cried loud.

But 10 minutes later, grandma walked me in the garden. Then, I stop crying as I like cruising in the garden. it’s like gone out to “kai kai”. Fun! Actually, I don’t really cry, if it’s not a very serious fall. And, I am tough, I try my best not to cry most of the time no matter what! :)

However, since I try walking, I always fall. I fell so many times already. ( since 2 weeks ago I think). But, I try to forget about it and keep walking.

Anyway, this is what happen this afternoon……

Yeah…I fell when daddy let me cruise along with the walker.I thought it’s very safe. And, it’s fun so I push quite fast. Daddy was busy video taping me. All of the sudden, the walker stop as it hit the sofa. At the time, I “fly” to knock the wall. Ouch! My head! My eye! Mummy…That’s painful and shocking!Daddy was a bit late even he thrown away the camera almost immediately and come to the rescue. Ouch! Anyway, it’s alright dad. I am ok now. Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Just keep playing with me! When you play with me, I will forget about all the pains and aches. Let’s play now. 😀

And, be careful Auntie. Better stay close to your baby, so that you’ll came at the right to lend a helping hand. 😀

  1. LZmommy Said,

    She is one tough girl! Hope Lizzy will be walking steadily soon… :) I was very stressed when both my kids learn to walk, making sure every corner were covered with safety gadgets.

    oh… mummy always said that too! So proud ler, me! :) And, luckily mummy didn’t lock the cupboard up. Even though I am not allow to open it. But… I still try to open it once in a while. 😛

  2. anggie Said,

    aiyo….. sure very painful … heh… those walker not very good la, Jeremy also got one, no break wan… the faster they walk, the faster the walker go… dangerous la….. b k ful lor …

    Yes! MUM! 😀

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