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Let’s play in the bath tub

Posted by Everyday Healy on April 26, 2008

Elizabeth really love to bathe. In fact, she likes to play with water. The jacuzzi or bath tub is her favorite. Most of the time she will ask mummy to fill the tub with water so that she can play in it.

Once mummy take off her clothes, she will bag me to quickly put her into the tub that fills with water. At the same time, mummy will throw in some bath toys. And, she will sit in the tub and play.

Anyway, it’s best that mummy go in together with Elizabeth. As she will stands up and starts walking too. I will watch her. Just to make sure she won’t slip. She will also hop into the tub even if it’s empty.
Somehow, the tub is high. And, she is trying to climb into it now if there is no one to help her. That’s very dangerous. In this case, I think walk in tub will be safer.

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