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Please Speak

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 13, 2008

Elizabeth is 10.6kg now. She has gained 400g weight within a month. I think it’s quite a lot. Somehow, mummy is still happy with it. Gain a little weight is always better than loosing weight.

However, mummy is worried of her speech development. She is a bit slow. She only start speaking single words now. She is 17 months now, but she can only speak less than 10 words.

She says: dog, ball, “kakak” (means sister) , throw and star. In fact, I only heard the “star” and “ball” once. Where as “kakak, dog and throw are the 3 frequent words. When mummy asked her, she can point to a lot of things accordingly. Somehow, she just can’t voice it out! LOL!

Elizabeth, keep trying! It’s time to speak in proper words like mummy and daddy. Don’t just hide behind the curtains, and expect mummy to say “Peekaboo”. Next time say it with your own voice to surprise mummy, ok?

According to her paed, this is the consequences of spending too much time in front of the TV! :(

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