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She is so vain

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 18, 2008

Elizabeth certainly getting very vain these days. As usual, she will try to tap her face using her little fingers assuming she is applying skin care on her face whenever she picked up jars or small bottles. :roll:

She will also pull and flip her dress or shirt when anyone mentioned she dressed beautifully. She especially like the flowers and any other familiar cartoons such as “Winnie the Pooh” or “Mickey Mouse” on her clothings.

However, mummy was shocked when she refused to take out her new clothes. She certainly learn to appreciate new clothes these days. As mummy will put the old clothes on again after letting her to try the new clothes sometimes.

She will try to take out the old clothes and asked mummy to put the new one back on her. She even wears granny’s necklace and show it in front of the mirror.That’s cute! You are so vain, baby! :)

I think she will even wears men’s jewelry if she discovered daddy’s ring and necklace. LOL!

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