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Delicious Popcorn

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 23, 2008

Two days ago on the 21th, that was my first time eating popcorn. Mmm… Yum! Yum! 😛

It seems there is a lot of popcorns in the bucket. More and more in my mouth, please! 😛

Wait… My leg is a bit numb. Let’s stretch!

Ops… me and my big leg! Now, they are all on the cushion! :(

Never mind. I can pick up one by one and finished them all. 😛

Like daddy like daughter. Both popcorn fans. In fact, daddy is the one who missed popcorn at first. End up everyone in the house is chewing the popcorn in their mouth, including Bill, granny, mummy and great granny. Ha! We are… Popcorn family! hehe…

  1. Jacelyn Said,

    popcorn, my gal’s favourite. my boy sees your girl’s picture, he oso wants to eat the popcorn wor,,, :-p

    Next time share share lah. hehe…

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