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Delicious Pizza

Posted by Everyday Healy on May 28, 2008

Elizabeth loves pizza. She was eating plain rice and plain white bread most of time since young. She can never get bored of both these plain stuffs. However, she seems started to enjoyed pizza with rich taste now! She says, Mmm… 😛

May be pizza is still bread. Thus, she loves it! Just as she likes donuts too. Anyway, this is something new. She used to reject things with rich taste when she was younger. I think soon she will loves cakes too.

Looks like it’s time for mummy to learn baking. At least mummy can prepare some home made cookies, breads, muffins, pizzas and cakes for little Elizabeth next time, especially for her to bring them to school.

Mummy can even open up a bakery once mummy is good at baking. Not a bad idea. Mummy should be serious in it. Mummy even create a name card specially for this business by using one of the online business card maker software to further convinced myself to treat this idea seriously. hahaha…

Just for fun actually. After all, its a free trial. But, It’s absolutely fun! I like this card maker as it even includes beautiful logo design. Fix choices were provided but with wide varieties. By just a few clicks, a nice, appropriate and complete name card will appear immediately on the screen. Amazing! It’s a total hustle free experience. 😛

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