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I love McD

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 11, 2007

Last night, I slept at 7pm, then, I wake up on 10 pm. Mummy and daddy straight away help me to change and they bring me to a new place which I had so much fun there! Guess what is this place? It’s McD!

Yeah… Elizabeth really has so much fun in McD. This time she enjoy playing in the playground as I tried to lead her to walk up the stairs step by step. Certainly not like what had happened in KFC. And, this time, there is one friendly “jie jie” who always came near, touch her and smile to her. She is very happy with that, of course! She is just a friendly baby all the time.

Also, she loves all of the McD’s food so much! Really! This is the first time, I seen her keep asking for more even though she already took a lot. Normally, she will stop asking before we actually finish our food. But, this time she just keep asking until I showed her they are all empty! That’s scary!

Worst still, this is the first time she cried once she realized we are going back as we get into the car. She keep pointing to McD. And, keep looking back even though we already quite far away. Jesus! She never act like this before. LOL! I am a bit worried actually. I don’t want her to be the future everyday supporter of McD. As we all know, too much fast food is not good for babies, kids or even adults. :(

So, no more McD for Elizabeth. May be once in a month. That’s it. However, I really kow tow to McD this time. It’s hard to believe that even a 10 months old baby can crazy over McD! huh? Amazing! This is what I call “zillion dollar” company! :)

Oo… it’s sad that I have no hand to take pictures for her at that time. Or else, I can show her happy, smiley face here now! :)

Anway, “kakak” called home last night, asking how is everybody. I think she really miss us all especially baby Elizabeth. She said she don’t feel comfortable in her Kampung, if not that she already bought the return ticket, she would’ve come back earlier! So happy to hear that! Jump! Jump! Jump! Jumping for joy! 😛

  1. slavemom Said,

    Lizzy has her own site now. Nice… Congrats!
    Eh, wat did u feed her with? Fries ah? That’s too salty for her wor. Lizzy dear, next time oni eat 2 pcs enuff, ok?

    Fries is usual already. This time I took out the fish meat from the fillet and the crash chicken meat from the nugget, only avoid the crispy skin which I though it’s till too oily and unhealthy. “geng” leh! I know is not good for health anyway, just hardly say no to her as we are eating. 😀

  2. anggie Said,

    She really know about McD ?? wow…. and she refuse to go home ?? hahahah … must be very cute…
    Lil Lizzy, u’re smart girl .. but too much fast food is not good for health ..

    Yaloh… You see, Lizzy. Many auntie is going to scold mummy for feeding you fast food ler…


  3. laundryamah Said,

    guess what was one of Kieran’s first words? “menonal”!! = McDonalds

    wow another new blog, eh u guys keep adding new blogs..can die la me…no need to sleep!

    Hahaha. You still consider very free ler… always got time shopping, travelling, concert, gardening…
    so, definitely don’t have to sacrifice your sleeping hours.

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