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Lolly Pop or Cake

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 3, 2008

Elizabeth started eating candies since 15 months old. She started with Ribena Pastilles. Few weeks ago, she came across lolly pop in a buffet dinner. She loves it! Tomorrow is her 18 months old birthday. Should mummy buy her lolly pop then?

But, mummy is afraid that she might get addicted. Lolly pops or candies are like drugs to the kids. They can easily get addicted to it. Worst still, there is only drug rehab for real drugs or alcohol addiction. It ain’t easy for mummy to find the help if Elizabeth get addicted to “sweets”. hahaha……

May be a piece of cake? She don’t really like cakes. But, that’s when she was much younger. Her taste is changing slowly. May be she will loves it now. Since cake is perfect for birthday, let’s have some cakes, baby! 😛

  1. GHorn Said,

    uah.. got 18 mth b’day one ah? So lucky Elilzabeth. Happy 18mth old birthday Elilzabeth!!! 😀

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