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I am a Winner

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 12, 2008

Did you hear my maid shouting:” Cannot! Cannot! Cannot!”? But, she just keep climbing. Slowly but Steadily. Surprise! Surprise! Little Elizabeth managed to walk up such high stairs all on her own. Fantastic!Last Sunday, we were still at Eastern & Oriental Hotel for a while after our lunch. Why? Cause little Elizabeth wants to play! 😛

She was running around the seaside corridor chasing after other kids while daddy and mummy were having our lunch. My maid were watching instead. Then, we all walk into the lobby again after we made a few shots outdoor.

We got to stop moving once this little princess spied the stair cases. Immediately, my little princess insisted to step on the red carpet as she supposed to. hahaha…

She really had so much fun! She even show it off, waving and laughing joyfully to her daddy who was sitting below, while she was high up. But, it’s truly well done! If you are in a toddlers stair cases climbing contest, then I think you certainly deserved a trophy or engraved plaques, my dear! 😉

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