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Wake up? Wee Wee…

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 18, 2007

I really do not sure when is the right time to give Elizabeth potty training. However, She started quite early. I started potty trained her few months back. I think should be around her 7th month.

Anyway, she already did it quite well now. Even though she still do not know how to signal me when she wants to let go. But, I realized these 2 weeks, she started to make noise when she wants to poop. Although not every time, but most of the time she will do it. May be she is trying to tell me, I believed she is trying hard to tell me ” mummy… I want to poop!” Good try, baby. Mummy believe soon you will manage to tell. :)

Even she can’t tell, it’s still easy to know weather it’s time she wants to let go. Normally, she will poop while standing. She will stand still at that time. And, both of her eyes will turn red and wet when she start uses her strength. Once I saw her reactions, I will quickly grab the potty and get her sit on it once I’ve taken off her pants. She is wiling to sit down most of the time if she is given some toys. it can be as simple as a plastic bottle, a colored ball or a rattle. ( I personally felt this is the best trick to make a baby sit down on the potty for a longer time frame.)

Also, she is still wearing cloth nappy during day time. And, “mummypoko” at night or while she is out. However, every time when she wake up from her short nap, I will surely let her wee wee by sitting on the potty. So far, these are successful experiences as she normally don’t wet her pants while she is still “snoring”. 😀

Oh…. mummy! Not again! I am still sleepy ler… (Actually, there are pieces of grapes in her mouth. Yes, she is also very much willing to sit down properly if I feed her some snacks.) Anyway, I think she looks really cute with this dreamy face. She still look sleepy, isn’t she?  😉

So, good luck to all of you who did not start potty trained your baby and still looking forward to it. Hopefully, I have made a great sharing that is useful to you. 😛

  1. slavemom Said,

    Horhorhor.. Lizzy’s swimming naked! Mommy! Where’s my swimsuit?

    LOL! Shameful ler… You are right! Mummy should get one nice nice swim suit for her, ya? :)

  2. slavemom Said,

    Aiks! Clicked on the wrong comment tab. That comment is for the prev post. Sorry..
    She’s so cute with her sleepy face sitting on a potty. Wah.. so early u edi potty train her. Good loh.. can save a lot of money on diapers soon. 😉

    Frankly, I don’t think using cloth diapers can save money compared to using mummypoko all day long, as the water and detergent we use to wash it counts too. However, it’s definitely better for Lizzy’s skin. No redness on her “pet pet”. 😛

    But,you are right! if she “wee wee” on the potty all the time. Ha! That really save me money then! 😉

  3. anggie Said,

    heh… u r doing a good job here.
    When Jeremy was with me, i will potty train him every morning after his meal.
    but if he with nanny, ….. aiyah.. the nanny won potty train my boy wan la … “sign”
    But ur lizzy is really smart and fast learner… good girl lizzy.

    Thank you, auntie Anggie. But, it seems I already stand for some time but I still can’t walk yet ler…. And, I can’t even call “mummy and daddy properly yet. :(

  4. zara's mama Said,

    Clever girl! Next time come and teach Zaria how to poo poo in the potty ok?

    Ok. no Problem. Auntie remember to bring Zaria to meet me when you all in Penang, ya! 😛

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