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Wan Tan Mee, please

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 13, 2008

Elizabeth don’t really like ice cream. Mummy wondered why? I thought ice cream should be the kids favorite? Anyway,that’s fine. After all, ice cream is nothing nutritious. On the other hand, it’s fattening and the chemicals in it are actually harmful to our health.

Instead of ice cream, she ate lots of “Wan Tan Mee”. Even her 2 other cousins around her age loves “Wan Tan Mee” too. So, this is the real kids favorite, I guess! hahaha……

This is one of the most famous “Wan Tan Mee” in Penang. Yum! Yum! Elizabeth just won’t stop asking for it, not until she saw the plate was empty, whenever mummy and daddy brought her there.

Oh! This is even more fattening, my dear! Looks like somehow you are going to need Phentermine in the future. hahaha…

  1. GHorn Said,

    ohh.,. din know kids loves wan tan mee
    my nephew din like ice cream too when he was young. he oni taook the cone.
    now he gasak as much as ice cream he can get. hahaha!!!

    Oh! May be at this young age, it is too cold for them! 😛

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