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I am going to School

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 14, 2008

Finally, mummy had decided to let her join “music circle”. It’s a toddler music course from “Musikgarten”.

Basically, the exposure of early childhood music will:

  1. Immerses the child in language
  2. Evokes movement
  3. Stimulates the brain
  4. Fosters physical co-ordination
  5. Develops self discipline, co-operation, concentration and listening skills

Frankly, mummy hopes that little Elizabeth can achieves great development in the areas that being mentioned in No. 5. More discipline, willing to follow instructions and co-operates well. That’s important. Best if she can learn it before she attend Kindy School.

Also, Mummy knows how much she loves music. So, let’s kick start your journey of being a future musician and dancer, my dear! Hahaha…

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