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My New Music Instruments

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 19, 2008

Can you imagine that this small yellow bag actually costs mummy RM 120 (About 40 USD)? I will show you what’s in it that makes it so expensive.

These are all the things inside this yellow bag. They are the tools for “Music Circle”. Elizabeth got it once she started attending her Music Circle last week. As you can see, there are CD, rhythm sticks, jingle and parent’s guide book. So, it seems that these simple wooden instruments are more expensive than the latest memory stick? 😯

Don’t feel shock. Mummy is just kidding. The cost of RM120 actually includes 4 separate packets like this. Each consist of different simple instrument, parent’s guide book and a CD. This is just the first pack. Which means it’s about RM30 each. That’s reasonable. 😛

Anyway, Elizabeth enjoyed the music and just keep dancing on her own way like what she did in the trial class. She can hardly sit down and learn. Surprisingly, she can remember some of the things that been taught in the trial class and start performing according to the syllabus during her first lesson.

Mummy is confidant that there will be improvement for the next lesson. :)

  1. allyson Said,

    hi, i’m mummy of two. One at 6 and the other at 2.5. has been looking for good music and movement class. Is your child attending musikgarten classes, how does she enjoys it. Is music circle tat elizabeth attending call Family Music For Toddler. Wanted to send my younger girl, but she was not quite ready……too cliggy. Wats your opinion?

    My girl is attending Kinder Beat. Is something like musikgarten classes. You can let you little one try both and see which one she likes. And, my girl won’t attend any class without mummy too. These music classes actually encourage parents to join in. And may be because my girl loves music and movement very much. Any music class seems to be very interesting to her. Hehe……

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