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So Sleepy

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 24, 2008

You really got to watch this when you grow up, Elizabeth! 😛

Last Sunday evening, Mummy actually just changed for you and we are all prepared to go out for dinner. While waiting for “kakak” to get ready, you were watching Barney together with mummy. I know you did realized that you are going out, darling. So you keep stretching your eyes and try to open it wide and big as usual.It’s ok, honey! Mummy will always bring you out even though you are asleep. So, just have a good nap on mummy’s shoulder. Mummy will call you up when you we are there for dinner.

In fact, Elizabeth has a good habit. She will never cry or become moody if we wake her up while she was still asleep.Fantastic, right? How about a loud applouse? Hahaha…

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