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So many Butterflies

Posted by Everyday Healy on June 24, 2008

Oh! Finally, I saw so many real butterflies flying in the air, and standing on the flowers. They are beautiful! They seems dancing all the time instead of flying. Shall I catch them? Oh! No? Alright, then I’ll just dance with them! :PElizabeth really had a great time at the Butterfly farm last Saturday. Daddy suggested we should visit it again since our girl like these butterflies so much! hehe…

Anyway, Elizabeth enjoy walking around this small farm. It is really a good place for toddlers to hang around. My little princess just can’t stop hopping for joy too until she was so tired. But still, she refused to go home. Oh! Please, baby. Let’s go home. Mummy will treat you with fantastic massage therapy, ok? 😉

Mumm feels great by getting a chance to educate little Elizabeth in such real and natural environment. She finally also saw the real turtle, squiral, scorpio, iguana, beetle, Japanese Koi, Mandarin duck and caterpillar too.

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