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Elizabeth Bad Sleeping Habit

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 19, 2007

My maid just called home. She is already waiting in LICT now. By 9:05pm, her flight will be in Penang International Airport. OMG! Just can’t tell in writing how happy I am to see her back again. Finally, I can hand over the tons of household chores to her. And, start blogging like mad again. ( My computer will be back by tomorrow evening too.) That’s a ve…ry…. good news, you know…. :)

Anyway, since my maid is gone, I hardly have time to update how’s Elizabeth without a maid. Actually, she is less noisy. Most probably because she gets what she wants — Her mummy! :) She was so happy and satisfied too whenever I sit down either watching TV or playing toys with her. And, I always bring her out with me since there was no one taking care of her at home. Also because I am always out to buy lunch and dinner for my family. At this time, our best choice is to went vegetarian as vegetarian food were everywhere now because of the celebration of “The ninth emperor’s Birthday”.

However, without my maid, Elizabeth can’t sleep on time at all. Normally she will sleep around 11pm or slightly earlier. What my maid usually did was walk her in the garden or accompany her in my room and let her roll on my bed until she fall asleep after 10 or 10.30pm. As for me, I mostly go to bed at least around 12am. So, I will bring her to bed around this time too. End up… guess what time she sleep for the last 10 days? 1 or 2 am. :( ( I know, that’s terribly late. see Lizzy, I told you. That’s too late. Why must you take so long to fall asleep?)

In fact, I realized she tends to play with us and don’t really want to sleep. She will quickly fall asleep if only my maid is around with her. Why ar… Is that mean my maid is too bored. She just don’t feel like playing with her. So might as well sleep earlier… 😛

And, do you know I can actually sleep in style? 😛

Anyway, here are some tips on approaches to solve bad sleeping habits:

If you make an effort to keep the rest of your baby’s daily routine consistent, (meaning he or she naps, eats, plays, and gets ready for bed at about the same time every day,) your baby will be much more likely to fall asleep without a struggle too.

Don’t hold or rock your baby to sleep, and don’t use breastfeeding, a bottle, or a dummy to send him to dreamland. These methods teach your baby to depend on being put to sleep, rather than falling asleep on his own.

Put him in his cot before he falls asleep or else he’ll learn to rely on being put to sleep by you, rather than doing it himself.

If he calls for you in the night, don’t get your baby out of his cot. You can tuck him in, pat him, or soothe him. Many children this age are going through separation anxiety. So, try leaving the door to your baby’s room partially open so he can hear you and be reassured, or give him a transitional object such as a blanket for comfort.

You can also try moving his afternoon nap to an earlier time and making it shorter.

Stick with your bedtime ritual and to be firm about going to sleep. You can try setting an alarm clock to go off about five minutes before it’s time to go to sleep.

If he wakes in the night, be flexible. Don’t let your baby cry it out; instead, try to find the source of his wakefulness (such as a full nappy, hunger, upset routines during the day, a stuffy nose, or even irritating pyjamas).

Increase his daytime attachment to you (breastfeeding, wearing him in a sling, and so on and let dad play the role of nighttime co-comforter so both parents can help the baby fall back to sleep.

  1. Lovelymummy Said,

    haha, my son also likes to sleep in this way too… :-)
    btw, nice template u have…

    Really so nice? So happy to hear that! :)

    Anyway, thanks for dropppng by, and hope to see you more often, auntie! 😛

  2. slavemom Said,

    The kids r vy smart. They know who to bully. Somehow they behave better when Kakak’s taking care of them. Like to ‘lau kai’ or play play play when mummy’s with them. :p

    Actually, I bully my granny the most, Auntie. Cause she pampered me like nothing. Whatever I asked for will be fulfill. Fantastic! 😛

  3. Jo-N Said,

    My little girl is also like that. When kakak makes her sleep, she sleeps so fast. When I make her sleep, she just wanna play. My hubby even told me that I am lousy at making her sleep :(

    Now, the point is… Who is lousier? You or your hubby? Get me?😉

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