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Let’s Color

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 2, 2008

Today, there was no special outing for little Elizabeth. That’s because she was still sick. Since Thursday, she got secondary throat infection after she recovered from Coxsackie. Thus, poor Liz is still taking medicine now! :(

And, Mummy stop taking her to the bookshop this week. Tomorrow, she is not going to attend music circle too. But, it’s ok. Mummy can arrange other activities for her at home. Mummy, daddy and Elizabeth actually enjoyed watching movies together at home this afternoon.

Tomorrow, may be we can play “bubble gun” in the garden, or do some coloring at home. Mummy enjoyed coloring pictures together with Elizabeth. We started this activity about a month ago. As mummy realized more hands on activity is good for babies’ brain development.

This is Liz’s work. I think she did a great job for her age. As she can hold her pencil properly and keep changing colors.

Sometimes, she can even focus on the object quite well like how she centered all the colors on the dinosaur above. And, mummy will always help her to fill up the pictures with nice and proper coloring bit by bit after she finished coloring. Just as what I did to the dinosaur head. Nice, isn’t it? 😛

Mummy feels is good to show her how to color nicely. Hopefully more good examples and more practices will help to slowly improves her coloring skills. Mummy believes soon she can even make beautiful cards like the Quinceanera invitations for mummy and daddy. We should never underestimate a child’s intelligence. 😉

  1. anggie@jeremy Said,

    oh, nice … at least nicer then jeremy colouring .. this boy ar… no patient at all to do coloring … throw away the color pencil got la …. *-*

    Really? Oh! Looks like LIzzy is doing really fine. Anyway, do you plan to send Jeremy to play school ?

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