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I want “wee wee”

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 6, 2008

These few days, Elizabeth started to come to mummy whenever she feels like “wee wee”. That’s a good news, isn’t it? Looks like she finally learned that she should “wee wee” in the toilet.

Mostly as mummy going to bathe together with her, she will surely “wee wee” in the toilet once mummy take out her clothes. Clever, aye? Simply lovely! 😛

But, the bad news is mummy don’t really understand what she means most of the time. She just signal me to go somewhere, but she still don’t know how to say “wee wee” yet. As a result, she will mostly ask me to let her down again. So that she can “wee wee” on the floor when she can’t hold it anymore.

Poor baby! Let’s practice how to say “wee wee” again. Slowly and Steadily. Mummy is confidant that you will voice it out in no time. Keep it up, darling! You did well! 😛

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