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Dance along the foutain

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 6, 2008

We went out for breakfast and morning walk last Saturday, Elizabeth were so excited. She always loves Gurney Drives. As we walk through Evergreen Laurel Hotel, there is a nice fountain in front of it. And, this is what happened…

Oh! My favorite fountain! It’s high. What a great stage. Shall I dance?

Come on everybody! Let’s move your body! 😉

And… Shake your bum bum, shake your bum bum, shake your bum bum…


Oh… No… no… no. No more shooting my pictures. That’s enough, mummy! 😯

Lovely! Great styles! Thus, mummy even placed the 2nd picture on top as my desktop background. May be daddy want it to be in his laptop too? You are so hot, baby! Mummy and daddy are so proud of you. Just keep dancing. Hahaha……

  1. slavemom Said,

    Lizzy has really grown a lot. She’s a natural dancer yeah? And I can’t stop laughing at the last pic. Esp with ur caption. kakaka

    Ops… Hahahaha…… We are glad that you like it. 😛

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