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Just put me on the floor

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 7, 2008

Look at her. She has grown up a lot, didn’t she? No longer a baby. Yeah… She is 20 months now. Anyway, Baby Elizabeth is sleeping on the floor now. Mummy actually packed one of her play pan which placed in the living hall up few days ago.

According to her height, obviously she will soon outgrown the play pan size. So, mummy might as well packed it up now. And, since this play pan just can’t be fold up anymore because of a jam in its mechanism, mummy will give it away to a friend who has just give birth to a lovely baby boy.

Mummy decided to let liz sleep on the floor as she actually feels more comfortable with it. I guess that’s because she is free from the “cage”. As there is no opening for this play pan that she has been using all the time. Without any opening, a play pan is just a cage. 😆

Anyway, mummy still keep the other play pan in the room as her bed as she quite like that one. She likes it so much because there is a “door” to let her get in and out from it freely. :)

But most of the nights, she prefers to sleep on mummy’s bed. LOL! That’s why mummy got no hurry in looking for her new bed even though she has almost outgrown her current bed. hehe…..

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