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I’m so sleepy…

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 9, 2007

Nowadays… baby Elizabeth can almost sleep everywhere at anytime. I have never seen her fell asleep while pushing her in her stroller. However, look at her… She can sleep soundly in the stroller now. Frankly, mummy is a bit surprise! What’s this mean? As we get older… We tends to fell asleep quite fast no matter where we are? hahaha……

But, see… as she gets older, I think it is getting easier for me to bring her around. As she will sleep her own whenever she feels sleepy without much disturbance. Also… She can get along with the strangers quite well! She loves to play with the waiters and waitresses in the restaurant whenever I bring her out for dinner. That really make me feel so relieved as I can eat properly. ( Not very proper yet, still she will ask for food, but at least better than last time when she was 5 to 7 months time, that is the so called “only mummy” time). hehe……..

Next time I’ll share with you mummies nowadays how she sleep every night, k?

See ya.

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