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I don’t want to Bathe

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 15, 2008

Baby, sorry ya… I know I have neglected your blog recently. Mummy is just too busy. Busy with what? Busy bathing for you. You always cry whenever mummy or “kakak” want to bathe you recently.

Mummy did put all your toys in the bathtub. And, it’s always warm water. Mummy even bathe together with you. Sing for you. But, you just keep crying. Why? Did you seen the eczema  on your legs?

It might be caused by uncleanliness of your body cause you never bathe properly these days. Either you bathe without soap or the soap can never be properly flash off. Can you tell me what can I do to make you bathe happily next time? :(

  1. ran Said,

    Has ur baby always been like this, don’t like to bathe? or is it just a recent thing because of her skin condition? maybe can try wiping her with wet cloth instead of running water in a bathtub?

    She used to love bathing. This is recent. I prefer she to soak in the bathtub for a while as that can only cool down our body system. It’s important to clean a baby thoroughly and cool down their body. As through what I learn from the alternative and friend’s real life experiences, heat and uncleanliness is the main cause of certain slight aczema.

  2. Irene Said,

    Try to change the bath shampoo named CATEPHILL or DERMAVEAN. U may get it from the farmasi. It is a recommended bath shampoo from peadatrican for those baby or adults who has eczema.

    My son (6 yrs old) got these skin eczema named actopic dermatitis few months ago and when I used the CATEPHILL bath shampoo, the skin condition getting better but u need to be more patient bcas it’s takes sometimes to go off……don’t worried. Besides that, she also need to apply some cream (e.g elomet once a day, or etc) to help as well. Consult your peadatrician……

    The peadatrician also recommend me to give him the probiotic (good germs) medicine once a day. It is not guanrantee that will improve the eczema but is one of the way to helps…..you may consult your peadatrician as well…..

    FYI, the only one skin allergy specialist peadatrician in Penang is Dr. Sallapan in Loh Guan Lye Specialist Centre.

    Take Care.

    Oh! Thanks for all your suggestion. But, she is not that serious. Today is the 16th. It’s all cleared after I apply the “Super Soothing Rescue Lotion from Buds”. May be you can try this cream. It’s 100% essential oils and plant extract. Unfortunately, I have no camera with me now. So, I can’t shoot a pic of it to show you.

    Hopefully, your boy can get rid of “eczema” soon. All the best! And, may be this might help. 😛

  3. Irene Said,

    Thanks. I always said we should hv more mummies gather around bcas it is very helpful when we faced problems……….Have A Nice Day!

    That’s true. That’s why I enjoy blogging. 😛

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