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My Saturday without Daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 16, 2008

Daddy is in Beijing. I seen him walked into the departure hall in the airport yesterday. I cried as mummy told me daddy is going to take airplane. I want to go too! :(

Anyway, I am happily playing bubbles at home now. I enjoyed the Campbell chicken soup so much. That’s my first time taking chicken soup as lunch at home. Mummy said children don’t take Akavar even though they are chubby. But, children absolutely need vegetables. Lots of vegetables indeed.

Thus, my chicken soup is full of chopped carrots, corns, and some other green leaf vegetables. But, mummy has no camera to shoot any photo of mine or the soup. May be next time. As the camera is in Beijing too. LOL!

Normally, I don’t eat vegetables.I just don’t mind this time. As the chicken soup is still yummy! 😉

Do you miss daddy, baby? As it seems you never look for daddy. May be tonight? I am sure daddy miss you so much. On the other hand, mummy miss your daddy so much! 😛

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