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Posted by Everyday Healy on August 18, 2008

Like mother like daughter. Elizabeth loves shopping. And, mummy likes to bring her to the shopping mall too. It is a fantastic learning environment. I can teach her all the things that we came across in the mall.

Besides, on and off there will be special activities for kids in the shopping mall too. Some are highly educational. The “Sustagen” 100% Nutrionland which has been set up in Queensbay Mall on the 9th and 10th August is a good example. There are all together 5 games.

1) Carbo-Climb: Find the food that are rich in carbohydrate, climb up the stairs and stick them on the board at the right place, then slide down for fun as you complete the mission.

2) Farm Tunnel: Crawl through the tunnel and pick the fruits and vegetables as fast as you can.

3) Nutrient Pool: Go into the ball pool and find the food (fish) that are rich in protein.

4) Bone to Pick: Build up the skeleton and learn about the bones that support your body.

5) My Five Senses: Spin the wheel and correctly match sight, soun, taste, smell and touch.

Oh! Shopping seems to be a great choice. In this case, we as parents just don’t have to crack our head on where to bring our kids during weekends. Somehow, never bring the kids to anywhere near ToyRUs or Toy City, if you already working so hard with your budgeting software recently because of inflation. LOL!

Anyway, Elizabeth only play No. 1 to No. 4 on the 10th of August. She is too short for No. 5. Innitially, mummy was worried that these games might be too difficult for her. But, she seems enjoy, especially the Nutrient Pool.

Mummy and daddy are really proud of you, baby! You are the youngest among all, yet you are doing quite well. 😛

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