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Babytub has more fun

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 19, 2008

Elizabeth has no problem going to bathe now. Her old baby bathtub came to save the best for last. Praised “Kakak”. My maid was the one who thought of the idea of letting baby Elizabeth to bathe in her old baby bathtub again.

Elizabeth is always chicky. Thus, she feels fun to squeeze herself in the small bathtub now. It’s her that chose to switch from using bathtub to a pail. Soon, she get bored with the pail and prefer to jump into the big bathtub.

Now, she gets excited with the old small baby bathtub again. Whatever! As long as you stop crying. It’s good to see her smiling and being playful again every time she bathe.

But, mummy got a new problem now. Can you please come up! You have soak yourself long enough in the tub. Get up, girl! Now!Hahahaha…….

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