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See you later, Daddy

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 20, 2008

Baby, where is daddy? This girl seems did not look for daddy for the past few days. I wondered what’s her reaction once she sees her daddy in the airport later tonight. Anyway, daddy is coming home, baby. Mummy is so happy! 😛

Elizabeth seems want to follow daddy when I told her daddy is going to take airplane to Beijing the other day in the airport. She likes airplanes. Obviously, she really wants to be on board too. I guess it’s time to take her abroad. Our first destination should be Bangkok as Elizabeth can meet Justin and Isabelle there.

Next, we can plan for other interesting trips such as Disneyland in Paris, Gold Cost in Australia or Brazil vacation packages. From one country to another, travel as many countries as we could together. That’s mummy’s dream. It’s also daddy’s life inspiration. I am sure it’s something in Elizabeth wish lists too. 😛

By the way, see you on 11pm, daddy! 😉

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