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Toddler Traveling Kit

Posted by Everyday Healy on August 23, 2008

These things are given by daddy’s company to him sort of as the outing kit, when he attended the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. There is hand sanitizer, baby wipes, anti mosquito repellent liquid, sunblock, anti pruritic cream, plaster and rain coat.

So, mummy will keep the sunblock and the rain coat as it is too big for Liz. Too bad as there is no Proactiv acne cream. As mummy need it now cause one acne has just bump up on my face now. :(

Anyway, all the rest are yours, baby. In fact, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, anti mosquito repellent liquid and anti pruritic cream are all very useful for toddler like Liz. Even sunblock is useful. But mummy afraid that this Neutrogena sunblock is not suitable for toddlers. And, kids always prefer carton plaster.

Thus, if mummy just add in a sunblock for kids, then they actually made up a great toddler traveling kit. In my opinion, baby rain coat is optional. 😛

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