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I’ll get It

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 3, 2007

Oh… just a little bit more… I’ll get it! I’ll sure get it. Mmm… are you video taping this? OMG! I will have to make it, then. Now, one more try. Oh, Yes! I got it! See, mum! I know I will make it. Proud of me? :)See, this naughty 8 months old can actually stands up on her own when supported by solid things like this lil table. Yet, look at her… she’s definitely having fun “stealing”. In fact, she likes papers. Why? I’m not sure. She just loves it. Enjoy holding it, sometimes smash it. Also, she would tear it out from a book. haha……

However, despite her naughty deeds, don’t you think she is brave and determined? hehe… Sorry for being so proud! She’s my girl! Just can’t help being proud! hahahahaha….

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