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Posted by Everyday Healy on September 2, 2008

Good news! She said: “Mi”, “Ma” and “Cho”! What’s that mean? Simple! “Mi” means mummy. “Ma” for “Ah Mah”, which is grandma. And, “Cho” refers to great granny in Hokkien.

She started to call “Cho” and “Ma” last week. My granny was happy. But, My mum was very excited! Truly happy. Thus, keep chasing Liz, bagging her to call “Ma” all the time. LOL!

When did Liz call “Mi”? That’s the big news! Yeah… That’s the sweetest word mummy ever heard. She started calling “Mi” about 2 weeks ago. Mummy afraid she might stop calling after a week like what happened previously. So, let’s wait and see.

Now, mummy confirms that this is my new name, specially created for and call by little Liz. “Mi” is good enough. And, it’s really so touch and extremely precious. When I first heard the loud and clear “Mi” came out from Liz’s tiny little mouth, that moment… “Smoke gets in my eyes”. Tears that cherish my happiness!

“Mi” loves you, darling! 😛

How about “dad”? She called “Pa” at first. “Pa” means daddy in Mandarin. But, daddy prefers “D”. So, daddy keep teaching her “D” for the last few days. He did it! Now, Liz called “D”. 😛

By the way, she can pronounce “Poh” ( granny in Mandarin) which refers to my MIL. And, she calls her uncle Bill “Gu”, that’s uncle in Hokkien. Somehow, she just can’t voice out the word “Gong”, even though she tried so hard. Poor Liz, she likes her grandpa so much. I am sure she wanted so much to pronounce that. Don’t be upset, girl! It’s ok. You are doing great.

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