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Her 21th Month

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 4, 2008

Today is Liz’s 21th month old. Time flies. Just another 3 months, there comes her 2nd birthday. 😛

She is growing tall and plum now. So, may be a Hop Ball could be a prefect birthday gift for her. As she loves ball. And, more exercise on the Hop Ball will makes her healthier and slimmer.

Anyway, this little big tummy is always full of laughter and smile. Lovely! However, there are times when she loose control. Obviously, she has started to show her temper. LOL! But, she is very clingy now. She will surely look for my maid whenever she goes to bed or just wake up from her sleep.

Somehow, she is still very close to mummy and daddy. Receiving her kiss early in the morning is the sweetest thing for mummy and daddy now. Everyday is a great new day for us. As her kiss really brighten up our day. 😛

By now, she speaks quite clear and start picking up the single word quite fast. Besides, she actually watches lots of TV. And, still very active. Just as daddy always said: “She needs more activities.”.

Somehow, mum and dad got not enough time. Don’t worry, girl! We still try our best. At least, you are still out every weekends. Enjoying the beautiful views and facilities in nice environment, visiting your grandparents, shopping and playing at the playground. 😛

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