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Dreaming in my Maclaren

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 5, 2008

Liz has a stroller. But, you can never see her sitting in her stroller whenever she is out. You might said,” What a waste!” However, it’s like a bicycle or car for her at home. So, at least it is not wasted! Hahaha……

Liz enjoyed being pushed around at home with stroller. Now, she even learned to fasten the seat belt. I think that’s a good training. Does it means soon mummy can get her a car seat? :)

Anyway, her Maclaren is really useful. Something that can cheers her up and help to gives us some peaceful moment too. As this is what happened sometimes.

Even though not most of the time, but it’s quite often. Sweet dream, aye? So, what’s in your dream, baby? Chocolates? Baby Bob? Teddy Bears? Playground? Flying in the air plane? Or Caribbean cruises. Ops… That’s mummy’s dream too. 😛

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