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I want real Organ

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 14, 2008

Today, teacher was not around. So, she canceled the class. No music circle. Now, Elizabeth is watching TV. Mummy is not really in a good mood today. Thus, I am not sure are we still going out.

Mummy feels like washing car. I am sure you don’t mind joining mummy, right? Or you prefer to play your small piano or dancing together at home. Somehow, your little piano obviously is not attractive anymore. You prefer to play the big organ in “Poh Poh” house. right?

Look at this girl. She really enjoyed playing the organ in “Poh Poh” house last weekend. So proud too. LOL! 😛

Frankly, an organ is just like the commodities trades in futures trading for me, a total stranger. I know nothing about it! Ha! But, one thing for sure. Elizabeth just don’t know how to play a song yet. Thus, mummy is not going to spend on an organ. Ha! Luckily, “Poh Poh” house got one. Lucky Elizabeth! Hehe……

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