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More meat please

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2008

Mummy considered myself quite particular about what goes into little Elizabeth’s tiny mouth. Mummy believes we are what we eat. Eat right and healthy food is very much like buying family health insurance. It’s an advanced planning for future life protection. Thus, I prefer her to take more vegetables and fruits.

“Oh! Fruits? Yummy! But, vegetables? No, please!”

That’s Elizabeth. She stopped taking vegetables, especially the green leaf vegetables long ago. Instead, she is taking chicken and chopped pork. :(

This is Steamed Chopped meat with soya source. Her new favorite dish to go with white rice. And, she is taking lots of herbal chicken soup too. That’s good! At least, it’s nutritious and quite easy to prepare. 😛

  1. zara's mama Said,

    It’s good that she’s eating steam pork.

    My girls only like fried stuff. I wonder if they eat pork done in such a manner. Never tried it before. hmmm..

    Btw, feed back. Your light white font on black background very strainning to the eyes. Maybe I’m getting old.

    Oh! This steam pork is one of my favorite dish too. So, it’s like mother like daughter. 😉
    But, please try. It’s yummy, especially the soup! Can add some chopped vege in the chopped meat too if you like. 😛
    In fact, Elizabeth like fried stuffs very much too. But, I will always try my best to avoid fried food for her. As fried food is full of free radicals.

  2. allisia Said,

    Can try to start with put in the vege into the steam meat. Try with bayam, less smell.

    Mummy put “Tong Choi”. hehe……

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