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One after another

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 18, 2008

“Staying at home everyday is simply boring, mummy!”

“Alright. How about drawing? You like to draw, don’t you?”

To be precise, she is learning how to close the pen cap. Of course, she also starts making lines and circles. And, she likes mummy to draw faces or anything else for her too. Obviously, she got new skills now.

But, not all that good either. As she actually draw on her own hands and legs. Her dresses, pants and shirts were “under attack” too. Not just that. Our sofa has became another victim of this new form of art. I am afraid even our walls are in danger too. LOL! Hahahahaha……

“Stop it!”

“Affirmative, Mi. I will stop it. Now… Let’s start the plastic bags party, “kak”!”

Gosh! One after another. Elizabeth………. *shout*

So sorry, “kakak”. :(

  1. zara's mama Said,

    ooooo.. this is much better. I don’t know what happened. When I first came to your site, it was light white font on black back ground. Now it’s turned white.. which is good.

    What a mess with all the plastic bags playing.. kids.. don’t know why they like to mess things up. 😛

    Yeah… headache! But, sometimes she likes to tidy up things too. Contradicting, aye? And, just wait for the site to fully load, it is actually white in background. Thanks for you patient! 😛

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