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Give me one Ringgit

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 23, 2008

Elizabet’s condition has been stable down. Mummy is quite sure that I will have a good night sleep later. But, it seems mummy had made a mistake. There are actually 3 shots of antibiotics in total, which means little Elizabeth still have to bear another injection by tomorrow. So sorry, darling! 😥

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Let’s go to pasar malam, ok? So, we went to pasar malam together just now. I am shock when she actually asked for money and wanted to pay the stall owner in exchange for a cooking set that she has aimed for it.

At first, she cried and pointing at the toys displayed on the floor. It’s a cooking set. I am afraid she might put those things in her mouth and the led is not safe. So, we just passed the stall.

Then, she started to point at the money in mummy’s hand. Alright! One ringgit. The next thing, she turned and point to that stall. As “kakak” bring her back there, she is trying to pay. Ha! Clever, aye? One Ringgit for the whole cooking set. That’s even brilliant! Hahahaha……

It’s a total surprise! Obviously, she has learned how to use the money. So, never underestimate a kid intelligence! 😉

But, can you stop calling “Mi”! Look… she is calling me again. She just keep calling “mummy” to accompany her with all her daily activities now. Oh! I need a break, baby! How I wish I am spending my day only with daddy in one of the romantic St. Barts villa rentals now.

Daddy, please buy me some “me” time, would you? 😛

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