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Terribly Tantrum

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 25, 2008

Oh! My new hair style. Mummy did it. With this hair style, I look exactly like daddy. Either like daddy or mummy, I am still pretty. That’s what mummy said.

“But, stop shouting and crying, Elizabeth! Enough!” 😯

“I will start shouting loud and crying if you don’t obey!” That’s little Elizabeth command.

Since this morning, she has been crying and shouting, about every 20 to 30 minutes once. Besides, one moment she is stacking these wooden dolls happily, lining them up too. The next moment, she is throwing them just because she can’t put them back together!

Mummy stopped her, immediately “Waaaa……”. She is crying and shouting loud again! How am I going to discipline her? Out of a sudden, she got such bad temper. It all begins this week. What am I going to do?

By the way, she cried for daddy. She shouted: ” D! D!” and even pick up mummy’s mobile phone and called: “D! D! ” Don’t expect daddy to “save” you! 😯

Oh… how about daddy taking care of Elizabeth in this Raya Holiday and Mummy just pack my luggage, buy ticket, travel insurance and leave for a vacation? Oh Gosh! Mummy really need to escape if you continue your kicking, struggling, shouting, crying, rolling on the floor, and pulling kakak’s hair!

Anyone? Some advises on how to discipline this tantrum baby?

  1. shoppingmum Said,

    Dun worry la, it’s normal for this age. Justin’s over liao and I just have to deal with Isabelle now…Just breathe in breathe out until it’s over. LOL!

    What happen if I am already have difficulty in breathing? Hahaha……
    By the way, thanks. It’s consoling!

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