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I Learn to Climb

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 11, 2007

See… I can climb up the potty to get higher now. If there is still some other things for me to climb, I can even climb higher than this! hahaha…… How come I am so clever? Unbelievable, right? Wahahahaha……..

Hey, Everybody! Look at me…… I am so tall now! Look, look here please….. daddy, granny, great gran, kakak! hehehe………

hehe…..camera, camera! It’s photo time. Alright, I am certainly ready, I’ll smile….. then only you snap k, mummy? Snap nice nice, k? (hahaha…..So good…. this time all the aunties, uncles will see how great I am from mummy’s blog! Waaahahahahaha!)

This is the trouble mummy get while raising a 9 months old who already think she’s smart enough to handle a lot of things. Thus, always try out new tricks without worrying the consequences. As a results, mummy gets all the worries and threatening moments. Mummy is getting really tired as all her dangerous acts will get mummy out from peace of mind……. Help me! ……

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