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Bento #2

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 30, 2008

Today, mummy did not prepare cuttie meal for little Elizabeth. But, look at what she ate for dinner last night…

Nice? Still rice! But, rice in tiny moon, flower, apple, mango and chili shapes. And, a “butterfly” by the side which I made up from fried Broccoli and steam tomato. I know! It looks more like flower! LOL!

Anyway, I thought she likes butterfly. Still, she split out the broccoli, never take the tomato, but finished up the fish very quickly. I don’t even have time to tell her that the pieces of fish meat is a “Dolphin”. Er… I supposed it looks like Dolphin, doesn’t it? Hahahaha……

End up, I have to add in a lot more fish and rice, but take out the vegetables. Also, I don’t expect her to give me any response, if I put the Hydroxycut hardcore right in front of her. As she has still not come to the age of getting excited with the weight lose products. Only when she become a lady! 😛

But, it’s so sad that she doesn’t even show any encouraging response when I bring this “Bento” to her. That’s something I don’t expect. What a good work I have did! :(

  1. malaika's mummy Said,

    nice effort. I have yet to start on the bento-ing craze,

    Yeah, great effort. But, not necessarily greatly appreciated. Hahaha…
    As long as the food is good, that’s what little Elizabeth really cares about. Do you think I should change direction? How about learning how to cook good food? hehe……

  2. shoppingmum Said,

    She’s still young la, and most importantly, she eats!

    So… there is nothing to worry at all. As she just ain’t stop eating. Hahaha……

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