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I am the Odette

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 3, 2008

Daddy is sick. So, only somewhere around the town. But, even visiting a park like Botanical Garden is fun to little Elizabeth. Alright. Let’s go to Botanical Garden then.

Dog, Mi!

And, there’s a stage!

Ladies and gentlemen! A loud applause for The Odette Of “Swan Lake”.

Watch me, D…

What a graceful performance! Bravo! But, this is the first time I saw a ballet dancer never stands with her toes! Hahahaha……

That’s Our first day of Raya Holiday. 😉

Mummy realized this little princess quite like the feel of nature. And, she is definitely an angel on stage. Looks like you may like to join drama class, music class, dance class in the future. Huh? That’s going to keep mummy really busy, my little drama Queen!

Still, daddy is going to be so proud of his talented baby. 😛

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