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Stop calling “Erg…”

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 6, 2008

These days, little Elizabeth keep calling me “Erg……” That’s the sound I taught her how to “poop”. And, she understand what it means so well. Thus, mummy really don’t get it. For weeks she has been calling “Mi”. All of the sudden, mummy become “Erg…”. May I know why, baby?

Worst still, I have never heard she call me “Mi” for the whole last week, no matter how hard everyone in the family trying to correct her. She will point to me, but call “Erg…” , when she was asked where is her mummy. Funny!

She just keep calling her “D” (daddy) and “Mah”(granny). LOL! I am envy! Call mummy! Otherwise, I won’t be friend with you anymore! 😥

  1. FamilyFirst Said,

    Ha ha ha .. same here. My son has a weekly favourite .. one week everyone is daddy, another week, everyone is mie mie (moomy), then another week everyone is cat or dog!

    Ha! That’s very consoling for me. At least… I am not alone! Hahahaha……

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