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Let the chair become my stage

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 7, 2008

What is this, baby? Fever dance? Hahahaha……

You don’t like the dance, Mi? How about a song? 😛


Ops… Mummy just want to make sure you don’t fall! LOL!

This small chair is supposed to place at the telephone table. But, it’s best to take it away from the table when little Elizabeth trying to climb up. Something she alway did for the pens, mobile router and phone on the table. She is a demolition baby. So keep her away will save mummy from spending more on buying new mobile routers, fixing the phone or at least save the table from more pen marks. Hehe……

However, this small chair will become her performing stage when it is not around the table. She really can act! Hahahaha……

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