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I am so worried

Posted by Everyday Healy on September 13, 2007

My maid is going home is a few weeks time. I am so worried! Really! Nowadays, My sticky lil naughty can almost crawl through the whole house within 30 minutes. And, she will prefer to walk around if I can hold her. And, Just kindly count and see there are how many 30 minutes in a day? Is not that I am not willing to do that, that’s just too tiring. I got to bend down my upper body and squad a little for getting the correct level to hold her. Trust me, that ain’t easy at all! Yet, she will get really demanding when she is with me. She will keep instructing her mummy to go here and there to get what she wants. And, she just never end in changing her wants. She will get bored with the thing on her hand within 10 minutes (30 minutes if she is with my maid, she just know how to bully her mummy, isn’t she?). And again, how many 10 minutes in a day actually?

Normally, I will bathe her, feed her, and play with her or read for her a few times in a day, each time is about 30 minutes. Also, I will walk her in the garden sometimes. Lastly, I will roll with her on the bed before she sleep. That already took up at least half of my day. However, I still got some free time to blog. And, spend an hour to watch TV or read. This is the sweet parenting moment I have with a maid around.

Imagine my maid is not going to be around for 10 days. Yeah! 10 days. Go home to Indonesia for her Raya. Yet, my mum is quite busy nowadays. I am almost only on my own taking care of Elizabeth for that 10 days. Yet, who is going to sweep and mop the floor everyday? OMG, there are so many other home chores… who is going to do that?

And, God please bless me. Just make sure she will come back to continue her third year as she promised. Or else… OMG! I just can’t imagine how am I going to survive without a maid! I know most of you is going to laugh at me. Laugh as long as you wish! Just remember to pray together with me for her to come back and work. Or else… I will have to disappear from the blog sphere forever. Don’t you going to miss me? For sure, I am going to miss you guys so much! Even for 10 days. I hope I still manage to blog within that 10 days even though she is not around.

With an active 9 months old around, life without a maid is nearly no life at all. You’ll never have time for your own anymore. That’s scary….

“Ah, Fia. Ingat tau, kena balik, ya… Tolong ingat, ya! Kalau tak dak pa di Indo, bolehlah balik awal sikit juga. Faham?”

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