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It’s time to hide

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 9, 2008

With “ah Mah” — granny’s help, I started to “wee wee” in the potty. But, only when I am asked to at the right timing. I got trick actually. Initially, I thought it was a chair. I like chairs. So… It’s ok. Just forget about it! Hahaha…..

“Mum! I am not a pet. I don’t need training. I just “wee wee” on the sofa, the bed, the tent, the floor… anywhere I like!”

“But, I thought you sounds more like a pet now. Human don’t “wee wee” all over the place. We go to toilet, baby.” :(

But, it’s ok. Just make sure you don’t “wee wee” around the tv lift cabinet as there are wires around. That’s dangerous!

Little Elizabeth is getting very shy nowadays. So, she likes to hide around when she “poop” or “wee wee”. Sometimes, I can’t even find the spots where she let go when I found her pants was wet. And, she can never sit down and “poop”. She always did it while standing. Weird, aye?

Alright! I know! That’s Elizabeth style!Hahaha…… Also, she prefer to “poop” in the Drypers. Used to be “Mamy Poko”. But, it’s Drypers Drypantz now. hehe……

  1. Momisodes Said,

    Aww, they all have their own way of doing things :) No worries, it will all work out soon enough :)

    Yeah… that’s what I always told myself. “It will all work out!” Hahahaha……

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