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Bubble Bath

Posted by Everyday Healy on October 14, 2008

Elizabeth just came up from the pool. Today is really hot. So, must let her cool down. Not only her body has cool down, it’s such a wonderful activity for her too. Anything to do with water, she always loves it! 😛

But, don’t force me to bathe. I hate hair wash! Ok. Ok. No hair wash.  How about bubble bath?

Er… Let me think about it? You don’t need to think, baby! Just have a look.


Usually, mummy already get her hair wash done, while little Elizabeth is still playing with the bubbles. hehe……

She loves bubble bath! 😛

  1. anggie Said,

    Jeremy love bubble bath too … the bath-tub very big lei… at ur hse ???

    No! On the road! Hahaha….. Have some laugh. 😛

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