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WOW! Bumble Bees

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 19, 2008

Elizabeth actually can follow all the things taught in the Learning VCD quite well. In fact, the educational VCDs are still the most effective educational tools for her. Mummy feels so proud when I heard her says:”A…B…C… D… up to Z” and blue, red, purple, black plus all the other colors and things. So do daddy.

But, it’s been some time mummy never add in new VCDs. Since she is no longer baby, it’s time to buy some new learning VCDs for toddlers or kids. 😛

 And, these are what we get last Sunday. Four from the famous Bumble Bees. And, another one is modified dance music type of nursery rhythms called:” WOW!”. Mummy especially recommended the”Opposite” from Bumble Bees and “WOW!”

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