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2 in 1 Jacket

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 6, 2007

Since my one and only fever experience, mum getting worried about me getting cold sometimes. So, she keep searching for baby jacket. She saw many. But, she still think it’s not something for me. (Yeah… she is always very particular when choosing my clothes.) Thus… she just keep looking for the right one.

And… taadaa…

Here it is. my 2 in 1 baby jacket. Yes! This is a jacket which I can wear both sides. So, instead of one, I got two jackets now! Sometimes just plain pink; Sometimes pink in stripes. Fun, aye? Nice?

It’s from Mothercare. Mum’s favorite. Many of my shirts, socks and tights are from Mothercare. Mum says, they are lovely, durable and stretchable. 😛

  1. Jo-N Said,

    Cool! I like this one.

    Really? In fact, this is the last piece when I am there. Lucky, aye? 😛

  2. slavemom Said,

    Very pretty. Smart mommy, get 2 jackets for the price of 1. 😉

    Not really. To me, this jacket is not cheap. I just love it’s creative and nice design.Not so clever, aye? :(

  3. wen Said,

    does mothercare still has it now? i like it..

    No more in Penang. This is the last piece when I bought it. You might check it out in KL. Good Luck! :)

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