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They are not so scary anymore

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 28, 2008

Last night, we went to a dinner. Daddy was the organizer. It’s the year end dinner for his unit. Elizabeth enjoyed it so much. Playing with candys. Thanks to the waiter who is so kind to give her whole cup of candys. Otherwise, she was crying beacuse of meeting so many strangers at one shot.

Last night was special for mommy and little Elizabeth. That’s the first time Elizabeth saw mommy holding the mic and Karaoke. Then, she laughed. It’s that cheeky smile. What’s that mean, baby? *Scratching my head*

It was also special as little Elizabeth finally playing with those gentlemen and ladies at the dinner. Hooray! They are not that scary, isn’t it?  You done well, baby! 😛

And, you dressed so nice. The dainty black and white dress is no more big but just fit now. Oh! How come mommy forget about taking pictures. Sorry! May be next time? :(

Now, shall we go shopping today? It’s the storewide grand sales of Gama Supermarket again. How about more dresses for CNY? 😉

  1. Jesslyn Said,

    Hey, I want to see the nice dress too! Post it up!

    YOu can find it here. I already post it since I bought it. If you want to see how doe she looks like while putting it on, then it has to be next time. As mummy forget to take some pictures this time. :(

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