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Too many Conettos

Posted by Everyday Healy on November 29, 2008

Last night, I heard my girl cough while having her sweet dream. I know why. Pretty sure it’s the ice that cause her coughing. Too much cold drinks, baby! Also, stop taking a few mini Conettos each day. :(

We as adults will think that joining the wine of the month club in this holiday season has so much fun for celebration. But, ice cream is a real temptation to kids.

Someone helps! I need to clean my mouth and hands immediately!

Well, this is messy! But definitely very lovely. And, it’s a great prove of how much this little cheeky loves ice cream! LOL! As mummy can only spot such mess while Elizabeth is eating ice cream. She hates to mess up herself. I know that!

Thus, mummy really got no heart to stop her from eating this icy cold thing.  After all, chocolate ice cream is really so yummy! Hahaha…..

But, you got to help yourself to stop the cough, baby. Just learn to limit yourself as you got that kick of eating this icy cold thing. Deal?

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